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Welcome! I wanted to personally welcome you to my site and give you a brief introduction! You may have noticed that my professional career has served me well. I love my work, my clients, my team and lifestyle. But the truth is… in the beginning I experienced the same struggles every other entrepreneur is faced with. It wasn’t until my discovery and practice of the 4S’s that my business started growing exponentially!

The 4 S’s will set you free! It will Get Your Business Noticed, Massively Profitable, and ON AUTOPILOT, Faster Than You Could Ever Imagine.


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Remember why you went into business?

To gain more freedom, have less stress and make more money. If you are like most entrepreneurs, the opposite is true. But it does not have to be that way. Check out the following seminars and make your vision a reality again!

Dori Soukup
Renowned Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Award-Winning Business Consultant Firm

The Millionaires' Circle Seminar

Join us for the Millionaires' Circle and discover the T.M.S.P. System and chart a new path to making millions.

The Millionaires’ Circle is a three-day seminar designed to teach you advanced business strategies that will enable you to move up to a seven figure income and beyond! You will learn T.M.S.P. system. How to Target the affluent consumers in your community, Market to the affluent, Sell to the affluent, and Profit from the affluent.

You will walk away from this seminar with a proven system that will help you make millions of dollars and live the life you deserve!

Millionaires' Circle Seminar

Write Your Book In One Weekend

Stop competing on price, compete on expertise instead by becoming a published author.

If you are a physician, an accountant, an engineer, an attorney, or hold a professional position or own a business, the Become Published Seminar is for you. During this two-day seminar, you will learn the benefits of Authority Marketing and you will write your book in one weekend. When you become published, your expertise in your industry will be established and you will be recognized as an authority in your field. As a result, you will be able to grow your business, increase prices and enjoy more revenue and profits.

Leap Ahead Leadership Seminar

Attend the Leap Ahead seminar and gain a complete blueprint on how to operate your medi spa or spa successfully.

The Leap Ahead Leadership Seminar is a three-day event where we share a proven blueprint to effectively operate your Spa or Medspa. We will give you the tools necessary to boost the efficiency of your existing Spa or Medspa. As a result, you will enjoy less stress, more revenue, and more profits! After attending this seminar, you can put the days of using the “trial and error” approach to building your business behind you and chart a new path for success

Book Cover for Leap Ahead: The Blueprint to Your Success

Get Inspired &
Motivated With Dori!

Dori is a sought-after speaker. Her educational events are filled with standing room only audiences. Her topics of expertise range to all aspects of business: Strategic Planning, Medspa Marketing, Operations, Financials, Team Building, Sales and more. If you have a challenge, Dori has a solution for you!

You can see Dori speak at leading medspa and medical aesthetics business conferences, or attend some of her seminars, or hire her for private training, or she can be your next keynote speaker and make your event a huge success.

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5 Secrets to Becoming An Influencer Webinar

Become an Influencer & Attract High-Paying Clients to Your Medical Aesthetics Business

Learn how to attract high paying clients to your Medical Aesthetics or MedSpa. This video will show you how to improve your positioning & help you make more money.  Want to elevate your medical spa profits?

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Spa & Med Spa Blog Image

Mistakes to Avoid When
Opening Your Medical Spa

Are you thinking about opening a spa or a medspa? Hi I am Dori Soukup founder of InSPAration Management inviting you to watch this video to discover 10 Costly Mistakes to avoid.

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Front Covers of Les Nouvelles Esthetics & Spa, American Edition

Medical Aesthetics Team Training

One of the biggest challenges most business people encounter is recruiting, hiring, and building a high performance team. Finding and keeping talented team members is essential to success.
Renowned Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Award-Winning Business Consultant Firm

An MD Business Advisors Podcast

Be Part of a Master Mind Group & Grow
Your Business Exponentially

Group image of spa and med spa leaders among Dori, raising their hands high--representing rising to exponentially greater heights.

Most people don’t know what a Master Mind group is, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept over 80 years ago with his book, Think and Grow Rich, (my favorite book). A Master Mind group is designed to help you solve business challenges by using collective intelligence of like-minded people. When you belong to a group, there is a leader who offers new knowledge, mentoring, direction and a group of professionals who are seeking to improve their business by learning from each other and sharing effective strategies and business solutions.

There are several reasons to join a Master Mind group. Here are a few:

Becoming part of a Master Mind group is truly an incredible experience. It can do wonders for your business, as well as for you personally. You will be able to build lasting relationships with a great group of people who are seeking the same goals and objectives. Success!

We invite you to complete an application for consideration.